Plugin vs Script GUI Clarifciation
Hi everyone. I've been attempting to build a Kodi addon for the first time over the past week or so and there's a couple of areas where I'm looking for some clarification/advice. I apologize in advance if I have some terminology wrong.

Most of the app's GUI could be handled by the pre-built windows/default skin within Kodi however a couple of them require a custom layout. I know that to use custom skins the addon has to be a script instead of a plugin. However, from reading through the wiki guides, forums and google search results it would seem that the use of the default skin is somewhat limited in a script addon due to the way the windows are initialized. Do I have that correct? For example, when I use MyVideoNav.xml and load it through .doModal(), the container's info labels are empty and the visibility conditions don't function properly. I assume that's due to the differences in the way the skin is loaded as opposed to in a plugin.

Now I guess what I'm wondering is what solutions are possible and which might be the best one.

1) Is there a way through xbmcgui.WindowXML to fully initialize the built-in windows and have the visibility conditions function properly?
2) Is there a way to switch between script and plugin functionality?
3) Am I better of if I just bite the bullet and do the entire thing in a custom skin?

Kinda thinking options #3 is the route I'll end up having to take but I figured I would look into it here first. Thanks!
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Plugin vs Script GUI Clarifciation - by ediger - 2019-11-20, 01:55

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