listitem.setProperty impacting listitem.setInfo for music
I have an addon which is displaying list items for video and music.  Up till now I didn't have a bookmark / resume time feature for music / songs passed to my Kodi addon, even though the bookmark information was available from the source.  I've always had it for video files and it's worked fine.  I decided to add the listitem.setProperty ResumeTime command for music and when I did it worked by adding a resume time option to the listitem context menu but it wiped out displaying the listitem.setInfo from being displayed in the skin.  I tested this for both Confluence and Estuary and both skins do the same thing so this looks more like a Kodi issue. 

Here's the code:
                elif mediaClass_text == 'music':
                    li.addContextMenuItems([ (addon.getLocalizedString(30347), 'Container.Refresh'), \
                    (addon.getLocalizedString(30346), 'Action(ParentDir)') ])
                    info = {
                        'duration': getSeconds(duration_text),
                        'genre': genre_text,
                        'year': release_year_text,
                        'title': title,
                        'artist': artist_text.split(','),
                        'rating': rating_val,
                        'discnumber': season_text,
                        'mediatype': 'song',
                        'tracknumber': episode_text,
                        'album': album_text,
                        'playcount': playcount,
                        'lastplayed': last_played_text,
                    li.setInfo(mediaClass_text, info)
                    li.setProperty('ResumeTime', dcmInfo_text)

With the li.setProperty('ResumeTime', dcmInfo_text) line commented out I get a normal view with all the info:


 If I uncomment the li.setProperty('ResumeTime', dcmInfo_text) line I get this:


You can see all of the setInfo data is now missing but the bookmark icons appear on the items.  I have tested this on both versions of my addon for Kodi 18 and Kodi 19.  The results are identical.


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