[RELEASE] Music Party Mode
Music Party Mode
I've put together a addon to start Music Party Mode to have easy access to it from my home screen and remote.


Upon running the addon it will start Music Party Mode, wait for X seconds then switches to full screen visualisation and optionally toggles the fullscreen music info after X seconds and will then indefinitely play random songs from your music collection. Timeouts can be configured in addon settings, defaults are 5 seconds for each.

Should work on all platforms, but I've only tested with android and linux.


For automatic updates you can install my repo. Code can be found on GitHub.
It's playing only one artist every time I launch it on Windows.
Hmmm.. there's nothing in the add on to pick which artist to be played, it just uses the inbuilt xbmc function to start party mode. Does starting party mode manually also do the same? Also, the add on will only play music that has been scanned to your music library.

I'll try it on a windows machine when I get home.
Yes starting it manually is only playing one artist, so perhaps something else is afoul.
Is all your music scanned to the xbmc library? Not sure if xbmc can apply filters to part mode, I'd need to look into if its possible, maybe something like that has been set?

EDIT: Have you edited PartyMode.xsp?
Yes all scanned. i've been searching for a setting or something because it used to work just fine.
Incase you missed my edit, I've updated my post above with a link go the wiki entry on Party Mode - there's some info in there which I think could be relevant.
Fixed it. I had edited the Party Mode playlist parameters through the GUI. All better now. Thanks for the addon, and your help.
Glad you got it working and that someone else has a use for this add on. I never heard about party mode playlists till today - I'll update the first post with the info from the wiki when I'm at a computer.
New version in first post:

New icon.
Added addon settings where timeouts can be configured + option to disable toggling of the fullscreen info.

Fixed typos.
Thanks - I found this quite useful!
Works flawlessly Smile

Any help in how to assign the script/addon to a key? What syntax should i use?

EDIT: Please ignore, just figured it out Smile
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Quick Links: debug log (wiki) | userdata (wiki) | advancedsettings (wiki) | adding videos to the library (wiki)

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