themoviedb "cannot connect to remote server"!!

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kealan Offline
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Is anyone else having issues downloading fan art from on atv2? I keep getting "Cannot connect to remote server" error. When I switch scraper to IMDB it scrapes info and posters ok but with no fanart. Can anyone help?
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scutzi128 Offline
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I am also having the same issue with aeon mq2.
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hardrock_121 Offline
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even imdb isnt finding any backdrops for some reason...tried with both imdb and themoviedb..any ideas?
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darkscout Offline
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Latest pre-eden is broken.

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Middle Offline
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i had this issue ("Cannot connect to remote server") with a fresh install, mine was fixed after i installed youtube plug-in, no clue why they are related, but mine fixed after i install it.
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