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Add-on Request - Picture Plugin
This would be a great add on. Deviant Art is a great site for anyone who likes photos, computer customization, and lots of other cool and crazy stuff. Thanks
i would like to see one too
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I'm bumping on this one, I'll be very interested too to have a plugin to browse Deviantart but best of all, a screensaver plugin based on a search query made to Deviantart.

I started roaming and I started to gather ressources ...

For a Deviantart Picture Plugin :
- nice Flickr Plugin from Ruuk, available on his REPO
- the clean Deviantart API using oEmbed (same as Flickr) and RSS (for searches)

For the Deviantart Screensaver Slideshow Plugin :
- still Ruuk code, he made a screensaver (screensaver.plugin.slideshow), available on his REPO
- and also code from the standard XBMC Slideshow here :

Now ... just need to find someone patient and skilled enough to mix all this Smile
+1 for Deviant art addon.

Or maybe someone can make merged picture addon, with many image sites in it?
Or with customized source profiles or something, where user can enter custom site address/login info if necessary.
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+1 For this!

I'm Suprised This Is Not Been Made For Kodi Already! Rolleyes

I think I've seen it available on a Reddit Reader fork here:

But I have no idea how to use it!

I think this would be a great feature for KODI!

ESPECIALLY For Kodi Backgrounds! Wink
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