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Aeon Nox Custom Sub menus

from the main menu you can open submenus e.g. for movies, tv shows. Is it possible to customize these submenus? I don't want all of these and like to delete some of them.
You can't through the gui. You'd have to manually delete some lines of code in sin.aeon.nox/720p/Home.xml. Any changes you make here will be overwritten when there's an update so backup your changes.
- Find the following line:
<control type="wraplist" id="9010">
- In the <content> section of this list there are items which are the submenu items. Delete those which you don't want to see. I suggest to don't delete the ones that are an include, since they can be turned off/on in the skin settings.
Hi Big_Noid,

thanks a lot .. and btw, Aeon Nox is a great skin, for me it combines fantastic presentation with best performance on my Xtreamer Ultra Big Grin

Waiting for more in the future ...

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