[RELEASE] XeeBo - Eden (PVR support)

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(2011-07-10 22:26)Hitcher Wrote:  Available from the official repo and my own for the most up-to-date version.

Mouse/touch screen volume control -


Hello, on my home screen I want to have the 4 rows like this:

Row 1: Movies, TV Shows, HD Movies, 3D Movies, IMDB Top 250, (<-- Favorites/Playlists)
Row 2: Youtube, TED, HowStuffWorks?, Documentaries.net, CollegeHumor, Funny or Die (<-- Video Addons)
Row 3: Recently added Movies
Row 4: Recently added TV Shows

How can I do this? Also when I try adding custom icons they don't appear. Thanks.
Great job on the skin btw Nod


So basically something like this. Made this in photoshop.
[Image: 29zy0y9.jpg]
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Ayla Offline
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Thanks for a great skin Smile

Which line do I need to edit, if I want the "Live TV" menu item to go directly to "Episode Guide" (the EPG overview)?

Also, can i make the skin start up in the "Episode Guide", when starting XBMC?

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I still can't figure out how to fix my issue of Xeebo being broken in XBMC v. 11.
I can't uninstall or update, or anything. The zip files that were posted show up as 404 errors when I try to download them.
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