three questions
Ok, so I have 3 general questions for XBMC on win 7 .

First, I have custom backgrounds enabled and I have a folder with alot of fanart from various movies and shows in my library. For some reason half of the time this ends up displaying as only a black screen, and not the image that it is supposed to be.

Second, when I get various notifications, and sometimes completely inexplicably, xbmc will minimize. Is there a way to make it ALWAYS full screen and prevent it from ever minimizing?

Third, can I get other visualizations to play when I have music playing? I want something that actually follows the music rather than simply looking cool. Either way, variety would be nice.

XBMC 10.1 on Win 7 x64
1) For the most part this is skin dependant... depending on the size, type, memory, format etc.. if it's a problem to render you'll get a black screen. If yu pick a specific skin and request a certain image as default you should get it... as long as it fits the skins parameters.

2) The 'other' process has taken over... find out what that process is and either delay it or stop it overtaking your machine, it's not random.. suggestion start up XBMC with a de3lay long enough for whatever process to complete.

3)Yes; you can get more visualizations, playing music, look in the visualization forums for extra loadable milkdrops, these should dance and form to the music... you're just not on the same page. Simpler varieties are available, dancing bars, and lines... overlay custom covers and slideshows... again this is mostly skin based.
Didn't I already see this question in the "XBMC General Help and Support" forum? I've answered it there.


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