Original PMIII button text dissapears when you hover over it?
How can i fix this?
This also happens with old skins not meant for dharma. I like this skin more than pmiii.hd so dont ask why i have it.
Its due to the way the skin was designed and things that changed in XBMC you need to add a <textwidth> to the menu button controls and make it wide enough for the text

I have actually fixed this a long time ago in the skins SVN so you may just want to check out it and build your own since you must be planning on updating it for dharma anyway because most things wont work like addons.

source is here https://xboxmediacenter.svn.sourceforge....hem%20III/

and here is the change

Quote:Revision: 2622
Author: jezz_x
Date: 3:56:53 PM, Friday, 19 February 2010
Fixed : [Project Mayhem III] Most of the labels that were displaying incorrect on recent svn versions of XBMC (may have missed some)
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL/Home.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL/LoginScreen.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL/MyGameSaves.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL/MyMusicNav.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL/MyMusicPlaylist.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL/MyMusicPlaylistEditor.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL/MyMusicSongs.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL/MyPics.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL/MyPrograms.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL/MyScripts.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL/MyVideo.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL/MyVideoNav.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL/MyVideoPlaylist.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL/MyWeather.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL/Settings.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL/SettingsCategory.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL/SettingsProfile.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL/SettingsSystemInfo.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL/custom2_SkinSettings.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL16x9/Home.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL16x9/LoginScreen.xml
Modified : /Project Mayhem III/PAL16x9/Settings.xml
thanks alot
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Original PMIII button text dissapears when you hover over it?00