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Taking requests
There are a lot of Russian TV sites that stream TV but only one plugin and it is for a pay service. It would be awesome to have a Russian TV streaming app.
#62!!! please make a plugin for this website!!!
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(2011-09-19, 09:30)Stormwave Wrote: I started working on a plugin, which is coming along nicely. I've got most of the videos to work fine in XBMC, except for the Vimeo ones (at present). Taking a break for a bit now, but I could have the sprword plugin finished later today (or tomorrow).

Stormwave, did the plugin ever get published? If so, where can we get it?

If you are still taking requests for addons, I think it would be pretty cool if something were to be put together that would to a certain extent automate the process of syncing multiple libraries across different xbmc installs. I am in the process of doing it manually via the instructions on the wiki listed here,
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there are so many sites out there who allow to watch movies online ... don't know what to do and which one to trust and go for...

i guess solarmovie is quiet old but .eu dose not work.. i watched couple of movies a .. seems good to me have anyone out there used it yet?

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