A difficult decision to choose between IOS 5 and XBMC

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stephenchow Offline
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A difficult decision to choose between IOS 5 and XBMC

I have an Ipad 2 4.3.3 Jailbreak + XBMC, I love XBMC IOS so much, I dont know why people in my country doesn't use XBMC, I think :


XBMC can do everything. it' work perfect.

XBMC streeming media faster than Air VIdeo ( because i have Air video too)

ofcouse, XBMC do better than AvplayerHD.

But today, I have A difficult decision to choose between IOS 5 and XBMC.

Anybody help? IOS 5 can not install XBMC, IOS 5 dont have CYDIA because it can not Jailbreak now,
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Memphiz Offline
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Why don't you wait until ios5 is jailbroken and xbmc adapted to it?

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Denan Offline
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Difficult? Naah.. its the easiest decision i ever made.

XBMC is without a doubt the most used app on my IPAD2. As long as other apps don't demand IOS5 i won't be upgrading untill XBMC is IOS5 compatible and there is a new Jailbreak out. To be honest: the IOS upgrade has some minor fixes but nothing really revolutionary.. most of the 'new' stuff has alternatives in cydia's appstore.
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xbs08 Offline
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Buy a new iPhone just for iOS5 and keep the old iDevice you have for XBMC Big Grin

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sjskent Offline
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Just sit tight. It wont be long as the developers feel exactly the same way as you do! I'm sure they are loosing sleep figuring this one out as we debate this topic.
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kim1406 Offline
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As said, sit tight, it's coming soon.
iPhone Dev-Team Releases Tethered Jailbreak for iOS 5
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jd2157 Offline
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The tethered jailbreak is working... shouldn't be long before it's released... then the XBMC devs will likely have XBMC updated after that. I dare someone to ask when Tongue
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