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Am I doing something stupid with the Library?
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OK, I upated to the latest SVN version of the skin and now when I go into what used to be Files, I only get my Library. i.e. It used to list all the sources that I had added and allow the sources to be added.

Now all I get are Movies and TV Shows.

Please? Rolleyes
i think you just need to back up the levels till you get to the sources list.

Well thats all i have to do anyway.
Nope, I have no file list so the Up Dir .. isn't there and pressing back takes me out to the main menu
Hit the context menu button and then hit "go to root" while inside movies or TV shows. At least that's how it is for me. You might have to change the view.
Files mode doesn't exist anymore in nightly build, Files is a sub section of the library mode now.

to access the files (where you see your sources) go on Video (on the main menu) hit down and select files.
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Aha, that works. Thanks The_Dogg Smile

Am I doing something stupid with the Library?00