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Send youtube video to xbmc won't play
hi all,

When i use the youtube app on my htc desire and choose share and play on xbmc the playlist stops and nothing happens. (I use xbmc remote v0.8.7-beta1)

I've installed the youtube addon and everything else with the remote app works like a charm.

Can anybody tell me how i can get this to work? Thanks.
I am having a similar issue on my ThunderBolt. If I find a YouTube link on Google and click it, I am presented with the open with options of YouTube or XBMC. If I choose XBMC, it will play. However, if I am in the YouTube app and click share and choose XBMC, it does not.

It looks to me like a Python script is launched when sent from Google, but not from YouTube when reviewing my logs.

The log is here:

I think the ability to do this is a super cool feature. We just really need this part of it to work.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!
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The XBMC team, plug-in devs, skinners, etc. do this for us for FREE in their spare time because they want to. Think about that for a second before you start bitching...
It seems that the link does not play if the "feature=youtube_gdata_player" is attached to the URL... If it is stripped to play YouTube link, it works...

I am not sure where I should report it, though? Should it be fixed in the Android app or in the main XBMC?
The YouTube addin guys are looking into this, but it seems it is on the XBMC Remote side. For the full log and the discussion see here:
I fixed this bug here:
I am waiting for freezy to accept my merge request.
I cannot see from the code if the video link (v=) is actually extracted from the link? I am asking, as it seems that Shazam sometimes does not place this portion as the first part of the URL after the site (i.e. the feature=player portion goes first).

It is not a big problem though, as I can share from Shazam to Android YouTube and then to XBMC.
The regex I am using SHOULD work in those cases.

In java it's:


you will need to unescape that to test it out.
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I've tested it with the newest version and it works! ... Almost.

Regular links sent from YouTube app work great (yes!). Also Shazam works fine. The only problem is with playlists - the videos there have different URLs. First of all they are secure (https - does that mean I need to be logged on HTPC to play them?). Besides one of the videos starts with a hyphen (-).

Example link:
My testing was too limited - it turns that it is not a matter of playlists at all - it's just the dash that breaks it.
Feel free to merge-request a new one, I hope it'll be accepted more rapidly than the last one Smile
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Great work guys. Thank you.
*If I helped, please "Thank" me below*

The XBMC team, plug-in devs, skinners, etc. do this for us for FREE in their spare time because they want to. Think about that for a second before you start bitching...
I am running Android 3.2 on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Just installed latest xbmc remote app. When I choose a Video file on the device I get the option to play with XBMC but if I select a YouTube video I do not get option to play in XBMC. I have tried the standard Android browser and Dolphin to no avail, I also verified that no defaults were in place to override option selection.

Works in v0.8.7-beta1 on my Gingerbread Galaxy 7``

Any suggestions?
Bumping an older thread but since it's on the same subject and since cancan101 was so gracious to fix the other YouTube bugs, I thought I'd toss another one out there (thought it's related to the hyphen)

I like using the actual YouTube app to send videos to XBMC. With ICS, it's a really great application. It's easier to use then doing a normal search. Anyway, the biggest problem is that a decent amount of videos won't send correctly. A perfect example (since my son loves it) is

When I share from the YouTube app, it asks me if I want to play "pWp6kkz" and drops off the "-pnQ"

Another example is -- drops off the -iO4.

Anyway, great app, thank you for developing it. Smile
The pattern for youtube is broken in current remote, I'm pretty sure the Tom. build (check tv shows alphas post) have this corrected.

You can also try other apps like Yatse that have up to date patterns for this function (and much more :p)

Send youtube video to xbmc won't play00