EXT4 Problem!

I am using Xbmc pre eden build, with ubuntu 11.10 oneiric on my Asrock ion330. i have just bought a 1tb external drive and i just formattet it to EXT4 format and filled it with hd movies.

I can open it in ubuntu desktop. But i cant access the folders on the drive in XBMC.

Any solutions?
Same problem here!!

Anybody know a solution to this problem?
What's the output of mount? Is XBMC installed on top of your full Oneiric install or is it a Live install?

We need more information.
I have innstalled clean oneiric. and using gnome desktop so to use xbmc i have to log out of ubuntu desktop and log in to another account that starts xbmc without desktop.
- its a external usb drive, 1tb that works great in ubuntu desktop. i can play files and Write and read rights. but when i enter xbmc and go to files the hdd is there i can see the folders on it but i cant enter the folders to see the files, and play them. And im using the latest Eden xbmc build.
What are the permissions? Because that's what it sounds like it is.

Also: Debug log.
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `xbmc_%`.* TO 'xbmc'@'%';
IF you have a mysql problem, find one of the 4 dozen threads already open.
Yup, sounds likes permissions issue. Is there a reason why you haven't shown the output of the mount command like I asked?
Yep it was a permission problem, dont know why i dint think about that before is beyond meBig Grin but thanks for the help Smile
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