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[Windows] python error on all video addons
As of last night it is working again. Very odd, I know no one cares but figured I would share my experience in case anyone was having similar issues.
I care!?
bldaz1 Wrote:I care!?

so do we ....

bldaz1 Wrote:Crickets...

way to get someone to help you

bldaz1 Wrote:I am using the post above because of the simliarity to my attempts. No addons will download or operate with the exception of al jazeera Live. Here is the log file I hope.

Yes I know I am a noob, be kind

post a debug log and someone just might try to help

I still think its a issue with specific addons, if you moved to eden from dharma addon might not have been updated to work on eden and thats why you having this issue.. or maybe you did not download updated version?
Okay, should I start a new thread?
I did attach the file in my post.
From what I was reading in the previous post it seemed to be the same issues. I was glad I was not the only one.
Yes I did go from Dharma to Eden and then Bluecop addons. think I might just start over.
I appreciate the reply Amet thank you very much!
Okay started a new thread we will see
Im getting same as others; Aljazerra is fine, but Aljazerra news clips errors; a week ago news clips was fine. I suspect Aljazerra may have changed its url for new clips which the addon has not picked up?

[Windows] python error on all video addons00