Two Requests: Volume Display and Subtitle Button

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MidnightWatcher Offline
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For the next release, would it be possible to add a feature that shows the volume level displayed on the Android screen? I'm hoping it's possible (or will be at some point) to hide the volume display on the TV, and only show it on the phone screen.

Also, one vital button that would be beneficial is a subtitle button (it would be great to show this button and even have an option to hide another that isn't used as often). Instead of going through a bunch of steps to enable and select subtitles, it would be great if there were one button that would enable, cycle through and disable subtitles.

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nathan909 Offline
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I would love a native volume control on the XBMC remote. (maybe a slider?)

My goal is to use the remote, to control a (not always visable) meadia server for music...

I.E. Control my music (AND VOLUME) from anywhere in the house/backyard, kinda the same way itunes remote works.

And add a shuffle button, to the now playing list.


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Kvaks Offline
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I'm adding a "me too" to the subtitle button request. I perform a menu-right-right-right-enter-choose procedure nine out of ten times I watch something in XBMC -- because I like to have subtitles. A way to simplify and speed this up would be awesome.
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StarChild Offline
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Theoretically it would be possible to send http://xbmc/xbmcCmds/xbmcHttp?command=GetVolume alternately with SetVolume

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garydebergerac Offline
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Another me too for subtitle button. Does anyone read these things, or ever acknowledge that the suggestion has been heard? These things were said quite a while ago...
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jblance Offline
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Both volume and subtitles are easily accessed in Jezz_X's concepts for the next remote...

For example
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Tolriq Offline
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You may want to try Yatse that have all that an much more while waiting the new Official is out Smile
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machapungo Offline
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Right now, I'm only using XBMC on my computer that is running Linux Mint 14 with the Cinnamon GUI.
I too, need a volume control, preferably, on the active screen.

However, I would settle for some up / down volume hot keys.

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Millencolin007 Offline
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(2013-03-18 12:21)Tolriq Wrote:  You may want to try Yatse that have all that an much more while waiting the new Official is out Smile

Or try Music Pump XBMC Remote... Smile
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Tom. Offline
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While there isn't any volume display on the android remote, the volume rocker will control xbmc volume while the remote is open and something is playing

I too want easier subtitle control, and I did start adding a subs/audio selector to the now playing screen but it didn't come out well on low dpi devices. I might get back into it at some point and make it a menu option on now playing.
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