No resume playback when using a video playlist
Hi, i have a curious problem where if i resume a video from the library it works fine (popup appears, i select it, the movie continues from that point)
However, When i try to resume from a playlist (popup appears, i select it) the movie plays from the start

I can post a debug log if needed/wanted

This problem is still in effect unfortunately

Post a log. It's always better to get the info out there than wait to see if you should.
Pastebin of XBMC in debug from startup,
I added a movie to the playlist, tried to resume from the saved point, it of course didnt resume, I exited the playlist and then resumed from the movie library and it worked fine

Also, this problem has been happening since the Eden Beta (Currently using AE Eden RC2 however, I have the same problem with stock Eden RC2)
Bump... any update on this? I am have the same exact issue with .m3u (sorry started a new thread without seeing this first).

Any update on this?
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No resume playback when using a video playlist00