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you use a boxee box remote with atv2? if so, how do you do that? i have a boxee box remote, not the receiver part though....
brucek2 Wrote:I'm intrigued by the ATV options, but I'm worried about having to use a remote with so few buttons (basically just the up/left/right/down/select if I recall.)

Is it possible to use an ATV as the base platform but use a more full featured remote instead?

the official xbmc remote app on android is a godsend for me - other than that my harmony880 works fine with my atv1
If you want PC on the Cheap , just get an Intel Atom MOBO with Intel Graphics. Make sure it has a PCI-e or Mini-PCI-e. Gert a 20 dollar Crystal HD card (and PCI-e to Mini-PCI-e if required) , a 6 Dollar Chinese silver remote, and some time putting it all together an you can get an HD capable system for under $250 USD . If you want a fanless system use a 2.5 inch hard disk or a USB memory. Of course if you do this iot is VGA out but will do full 1080p , You also need a VGA in on your TV which some newer Samsungs no longer have,

Nvidia always seems to have driver issues and the Crystal HD seems rock solid! Read the forums here to see the plethora of Nvidia issues. I have tried several Nvidia cards and always ran into something. On the other hand CrystalHD is consistent

Apple TV1 in my opinion is fine and better with a crystal HD card, If you run linux it is even better. I have run Various distros of Linux/XBMC on ATV1 and the one common factor was it was always faster than on ATV OS. Now with Eden it will be even still better.
Good info. I have a couple of ATV1 boxes and looking to upgrade with Crystal HD soon. Works well for SD content. I tried ATV2 and just couldn't keep XBMC from crashing all over the place. Finally gave up. I wasn't willing to downgrade OS nor do i know how. I've had great luck with iPhone, iPad, Windows 7, and Mac Mini. I had performance issues in my Ubuntu box (might be Compiz).
I'm very interested in switching over from my Boxee Box to XBMC.
What would be a good and economical way to switch? I don't want to build a new computer for this, nor do I want to purchase any Apple products. What other devices offer a good XBMC experience without costing an arm and a leg to put together?

Also if anyone is interested in trading a XBMC device for a Boxee Box I will be happy to consider what you have to offer.
I know you said no Apple, but finding a good used ATV1, buying the $45 video card, and stripping the Apple software and putting Crystalbuntu on it is one of the most economical ways to go.
I just bought this and added 4GB of RAM ($25) and a 60GB Corsair Force GT 3 SSD ($80). I expected to have to go with Openelec for fast boot times, but was pleased with XBMCbuntu (not as fast, but I'm much more familiar with the innards of Debian-based distros).
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(2012-05-12, 19:06)kadeschs Wrote: I know you said no Apple, but finding a good used ATV1, buying the $45 video card, and stripping the Apple software and putting Crystalbuntu on it is one of the most economical ways to go.

I am starting to consider getting a used atv2 somewhere and fooling around with that. Seems like a cheap and quick way to get it done. I have my boxee up for trade on the digitalhome forums right now, and made a few offers for atv2's on other sites. I see them on ebay for a decent price already with xbmc so it probably won't be long before I grab one. Are there any major cons with an ATV2 setup that I should be aware of?
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