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Hi guys and girls

I'm new to XBMC and this forum. I installed XBMC on my Apple TV 2 a couple of weeks ago, and a few days ago I installed the Alaska Revisited skin. I really really love it, but I have a question.

Is there any way of increasing the number of Custom Home items from 7? The reason I want more is that it is easier for my kids to select the movies they want if they are grouped together on the home screen (one kid is 6, one is 3 so they have somewhat different preferences when it comes to movies).

I found this in the xml:

<setting name="skin.alaska.revisited.svn.CustomHomeItemName_7" type="string">Landet For Langesedan</setting>
<setting name="skin.alaska.revisited.svn.CustomHomeItemPath_7" type="string">ActivateWindow(Videos,special://profile/playlists/video/Landetforlangesen.xsp,return)</setting>

It isnt as simple as just adding new lines I guess?

No, you'll need to edit a lot more than I'm afraid.
Ok, I thought so....

Any chance of implementing the possibility to have more Custom Home Items in the future?

Great work with the skin btw!

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