MCE remote works fine except for repeating arrow keys (left, right, down, etc)

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First time poster, hopefully I'm not asking a terribly common or stupid question.

I've recently switched from using XBMC primarily on Ubuntu back to Windows and overall have been amazed by how easy the setup has been. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate on an Acer Aspire Revo (R1600) with an MCE remote. Most of the remote functionality works out of the box without any issue, but there's a pretty big obstacle: the directional arrow keys like up, left, down and right don't repeat unless I press another key first. I haven't done any configuration outside of plugging in the IR receiver, but I did download Showkey20 and noticed that it doesn't register multiple key presses in succession, either.

I've tried searching the forums and everywhere online but haven't had much success getting anything specific. If anything, more people seem to have problems with keys repeating too fast rather than not at all!

FWIW, the same hardware and remote worked perfectly with XBMC running Ubuntu 10.04, and then I started the upgrade path and everything started breaking. By the time I got to 11.10 (latest version), I decided to give Windows a try.

Quick edit: I just discovered that if I press and hold the same arrow key, after a short delay the selection responds and starts moving. But pressing e.g. up with several seconds delay between each press does nothing.
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same issue : /
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What remote are you using? Is it one of the remotes listed in

If the arrow buttons don't repeat outside of XBMC that suggests some problem with the remote. If you open a large text file in e.g. Notepad the arrow buttons should navigate in Notepad just like the arrow keys on the keyboard. Do the arrow buttons repeat in Notepad?

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Change your key repeat speed in keyboard settings. I had to set mine pretty low.
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You can try EventGhost + MCE remote, I am using it and totally satisfied.
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