20th Century Fox - Studio flag missing

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it seems that the Studio flag for "20th Century Fox" is missing when scraped with IMDb. The IMDb Scraper gets "Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation" and with that the logo won't show up.

I'm using XBMC Eden Beta 2 with cirrus extended v2.07.

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The problem is the name of the Studio. In CE there are many studio flags and many names for each of them.
You can have Century Fox, 20th Century Fox, Twentieh Century Fox and they are all pointed to the century fox studio flag.
There are many possibilities for each studio flags but Butchabay can't provide all of them.
You should rename the studio name with a simple name like "20th Century Fox"in the "yourmovie".nfo. I think it should work.
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Yeah sure i can do that but rename all movies from 20th Century Fox by myself isn't the real deal. It works with other skins... but i like cirrus.
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Then do some copies of the existing Twentieth Century Fox one, and rename the different copies with the different variations .
This way whatever the info from the scraper is naming that studio, it will surely find a match in the studioflags directory.

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