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Streaming using UK TV plugins, Expat Shield and XBMC?
Hi, guys!

Sorry if this has been posted already but I am rather tired and the "Search button" didn't reveal much, so here goes...

I live outside UK but appreciate some UK investigative journalism, music, comedy and whatnot, so....

I use Expat Shield ( ) to get a UK IP address.

It makes it possible to watch some stuff using BBC iPlayer plugin, 4oD and ITV plugins... But not in all cases and I have been wondering why I can see some shows saved on servers but not Live TV, for instance...?

Some plugins (like BBC iPlayer, 4oD and ITV) are working partially but some are not budging (like CatchupTV, even though I registered properly with the service, seeing a message like "your IP address/internet provider is recognised" etc. - during the registration process)...

Any similar experiences? Anything to be done to get the rest going, please? Most of it seems hit-and-miss, actually... My 2-year-old son gets some episodes of Big and Small, saved on a server, for instance, on CeeBeebies, but mostly not... and so forth...

Why is that? can anything be done, please?

Anyone has a clue?
You won't get tvcatchup to work with any commercial vpn or proxy - they are all blacklisted. Even if you find one that works, it's only a matter of time before tvcatchup will block it.

A commercial vpn should work for bbc, etc.
I have no commercial (paying) proxy...

But sometimes it works...

Free proxies are always hit and miss.

You could try unblockus - they have a free 7 day trial.
Cool to know... and good to have as an option, if something terribly important is on...

Swedes have a good one... forgot the name of the paying proxy... anonymous...
... also a vpn is always better than a proxy - gives access to more services.
Thanx, I'll investigate...

Free VPN:,2817,2390381,00.asp

I have a paid uk proxy and iplayer and itv player are perfect. Again iplayer won't work for live tv though but have a digg around. You can use other addons to view live tv for example.
I have the same results with Expat Shield, m8.....

Any real difference that you can see?
apw2607 Wrote:I have a paid uk proxy and iplayer and itv player are perfect. Again iplayer won't work for live tv though but have a digg around. You can use other addons to view live tv for example.

For iplayer and live tv, try using LimeWire servers, it should work. You can select the preferred servers on the configuration screen of the iplayer plugin.

Ops, I didn't notice you are using a proxy. I'm able to watch live tv with Limewire and a paid vpn service. Proxies normally don't work with the iplayer plugin, but they work with a normal browser, though.
They (proxies) do work here, with iPlayer and more, as I said - every day my 2-years young kid is watching CeeBeebies, using Expat Shield... Wink
Sorry, I was talking about watching live tv with the iPlayer plugin. I think that was the initial point in the thread, if I'm not wrong...

I've never been able to watch bbc1 or bbc2 live with a proxy, while using a commercial vpn and selecting limewire I'm able to watch everything, both live and stored content.
I see! Thanx!!!
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Streaming using UK TV plugins, Expat Shield and XBMC?00