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XBMC Eden beta 2 wont downmix audio
Hi Everyone,

I'm having trouble downmixing audio to stereo on a 1080p h264 MKV. The audio is encoded as 7.1 FLAC and I'm missing a few of the tracks - at least the center channel and probably more. This renders the film unwatchable. I have tried this on an iMac outputting to stereo speakers connected through the 3.5mm jack and also a Mac Mini 2011 outputting through HDMI to a stereo amplifier.

After endless fiddling with settings with absolutely no difference can I ask if anyone has any suggestions or should I report this as a bug? The same file works fine on OS X Lion in XBMC 10.1 and also on Windows 7 XBMC 11 beta 2. I have also tried using Soundflower but to no avail.

Here is a link to my log:

I understand there are audio multichannel issues in OS X but I haven't seen a post specifically about down-sampling audio. Any insight would be great!


Same here. No center channel with multichannel FLAC.
A bug report has been created:
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XBMC Eden beta 2 wont downmix audio00