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Capturing your own Links [TUTORIAL]
By the way please dont post if you cant even get a rtmp through coojah some sites block it from even capturing the rtmp but this is a step closer for everyone to help the community

Hi I know you said not to ask so was wondering if there is anything that can be done to get the rtmp as both sites Ive tried dont. Could you point those interested in the right direction or is it even possible? I dont mind learning but would love to know what to learn (if tht makes sense)
good morning.

Not sure what else i have to do. Please help me out. I am trying to create a live stream xml but don't work for this folowowing site.

This is what I have to the XML file but don't work. I need your expertise .....

<title>[COLOR FF00FF00]test[/COLOR]</title>
tcUrl: rtmp://
playPath: vtc11_l

Thank you very much..

Capturing your own Links [TUTORIAL]00