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[RELEASE] LiveTV v1.4
(2012-04-09, 14:36)roadie Wrote: are the hd channels fixed?
They have always worked.
Just wait and check back later if you can't access the channel.
They have a max viewers limit now.
I'm not sure what the limit is, but probably 50 or something of that nature.

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i'm also an openelec user and i just added the uk default.py into the zip (overwriting the original one) before installation and it works fine for me.
Hi, is there any way I can add a sopcast channel(s) ?
just wanted to say that this addon is pure awesomeness!!!

[gentle request] would it be possible for the devs to add an "italy.xml", I can watch them in a browser, but it would be great to have them on my htpc....
television channels that do streaming are:
http://www.video.mediaset.it/ - these are berlsuconi's channles rete4, canale5, italia1 etc.
http://www.rai.tv/ - these are the state channels rai1, rai2, rai3 etc.
[/gentle request]

Thanks a lot

Blackoutworm- Thanks for the reply.
Your right, they have always worked, but it always buffers, il have to keep trying i suppose!
Ive tried every channel listed and I can only get 5 to work, Sky News, BBC2, Dave & Both Classic Movies. The question I have is, is this normal or do I have something wrong at this end ?

Log file listed below.


Any help will be gratefully received.
XML with Spain channels here



In what way is livetv different to livestreams pluginHuh

it autoupdates blackoutworms xml................

he is the best stream finder and also he is fantastic at keeping the streams up to date

also better GUI

and has some epg
Hello @all

Unfortunatly any plugin doesn't work on my notebook.

When i try to install LIVETV it works well but when i try to add a source and then try to start, it shows me SCRIPT FAILED

Can someone help me?

I would send u a log file, but i do not know HOW?

Pls guys help me. I wanna watch TV :-)


I think i know why it does not work!

Because of

Look at this log

23:47:06 T:3368 ERROR: Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\Rümy\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\plugin.video.live.streams\default.py", line 594, in <module>
File "C:\Users\Rümy\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\plugin.video.live.streams\default.py", line 70, in addSource
b = open(source_file,"w")
IOError: (2, 'No such file or directory', 'C:\\Users\\R\xc3\xbcmy\\AppData\\Roaming\\XBMC\\userdata\\addon_data\\plugin.vi​deo.live.streams\\source_file')
23:47:06 T:3368 INFO: -->End of Python script error report<--
23:47:06 T:1124 DEBUG: ------ Window Init (DialogKaiToast.xml) ------
23:47:06 T:3368 INFO: Python script stopped

the right path should be C:\\Users\\Rümy\\AppData\\Roaming\\XBMC\\userdata\\addon_data\\plugin.video.live​.streams\\source_file

but he can not recognize the umlaut

This was an example for LIVE Stream but it is the same with Live TV sports devil and so on...
do you know what i mean
Hi guys,

Are the HD channels down at the moment? Not had much success at all with them over the past few days...None of them open like they used to..

Here is my log file if there are any clues in here...


Im in the UK and the HD channels have previously worked flawlessly

cheers in advance Smile

DVDPlayer: Opening: rtmp:// [email protected] swfUrl=http://www.skyonetv.com/player/skyonetv.com.swf live=true swfVfy=true pageUrl=http://www.skyonetv.com timeout=10
234.17:51:58 T:4872 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(player)::Put MSGQ_NOT_INITIALIZED
235.17:51:58 T:6080  NOTICE: Creating InputStream
236.17:51:58 T:6080   ERROR: dll_fgets emulated function failed
237.17:51:58 T:6080   ERROR: RTMP_HashSWF: couldn't contact swfurl http://www.skyonetv.com/player/skyonetv.com.swf (HTTP error 403)
238.17:51:59 T:6080   ERROR: Closing connection: NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound
239.17:51:59 T:6080   ERROR: CDVDPlayer::OpenInputStream - error opening [rtmp:// [email protected] swfUrl=http://www.skyonetv.com/player/skyonetv.com.swf live=true swfVfy=true pageUrl=http://www.skyonetv.com timeout=10]
240.17:51:59 T:6080  NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::OnExit()
241.17:51:59 T:6080  NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::OnExit() deleting input stream
242.17:51:59 T:4872   ERROR: Playlist Player: skipping unplayable item: 0, path [rtmp:// [email protected] swfUrl=http://www.skyonetv.com/player/skyonetv.com.swf live=true swfVfy=true pageUrl=http://www.skyonetv.com timeout=10]
243.17:52:04 T:1592 WARNING: XFILE::CFileCurl::CReadState::FillBuffer: curl failed with code 28
244.17:52:04 T:1592   ERROR: CFileCurl::CReadState::Open, didn't get any data from stream.
245.17:52:04 T:4872  NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::CloseFile()
246.17:52:04 T:4872 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(player)::Put MSGQ_NOT_INITIALIZED
247.17:52:04 T:4872  NOTICE: DVDPlayer: waiting for threads to exit
248.17:52:04 T:4872  NOTICE: DVDPlayer: finished waiting
249.17:52:09 T:4872  NOTICE: DVDPlayer: Opening: rtmp://s5.webport.tv:1935/live/z020101.stream swfUrl=http://www.tvsector.com/wp-content/uploads/jw-player-plugin-for-wordpress/player/player.swf pageUrl=http://www.tvsector.com/disney-xd-hd tcUrl=rtmp://s5.webport.tv:1935/live timeout=10
250.17:52:09 T:4872 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(player)::Put MSGQ_NOT_INITIALIZED
251.17:52:09 T:5452  NOTICE: Creating InputStream
252.17:52:20 T:5452   ERROR: RTMP_ReadPacket, failed to read RTMP packet header
253.17:52:20 T:5452   ERROR: CDVDPlayer::OpenInputStream - error opening [rtmp://s5.webport.tv:1935/live/z020101.stream swfUrl=http://www.tvsector.com/wp-content/uploads/jw-player-plugin-for-wordpress/player/player.swf pageUrl=http://www.tvsector.com/disney-xd-hd tcUrl=rtmp://s5.webport.tv:1935/live timeout=10]
254.17:52:20 T:5452  NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::OnExit()
255.17:52:20 T:5452  NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::OnExit() deleting input stream
256.17:52:20 T:4872   ERROR: Playlist Player: skipping unplayable item: 0, path [rtmp://s5.webport.tv:1935/live/z020101.stream swfUrl=http://www.tvsector.com/wp-content/uploads/jw-player-plugin-for-wordpress/player/player.swf pageUrl=http://www.tvsector.com/disney-xd-hd tcUrl=rtmp://s5.webport.tv:1935/live timeout=10]
257.17:52:20 T:4872  NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::CloseFile()
258.17:52:20 T:4872 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(player)::Put MSGQ_NOT_INITIALIZED
259.17:52:20 T:4872  NOTICE: DVDPlayer: waiting for threads to exit
260.17:52:20 T:4872  NOTICE: DVDPlayer: finished waiting
261.17:52:22 T:2368 WARNING: JpegIO: Error 55: Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x%02x 0x%02x
262.17:52:27 T:692 WARNING: Previous line repeats 6 times.
263.17:52:27 T:692  NOTICE: -->Python Interpreter Initialized<--
264.17:52:28 T:692   ERROR: C:\Users\sweetride\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\plugin.video.LiveTV\httplib2.py:29: DeprecationWarning: the md5 module is deprecated; use hashlib instead
265.                                              import md5
266.17:52:28 T:692   ERROR: C:\Users\sweetride\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\plugin.video.LiveTV\httplib2.py:44: DeprecationWarning: the sha module is deprecated; use the hashlib module instead
tvsectors streaming isnt working have look

I couldn't find this answered but its a long thread so I apologize if it has, but I have an NPVR server with my ATSC card attached to it.
You can stream channels from the server by going to for example:


Can this add-on allow me to put all my local HD channels in & stream them?

(2012-04-18, 17:08)mikey1234 Wrote: tvsectors streaming isnt working have look


Hi mate,

that site is blocked for me at work so cant check what you are trying to show me until I get home

So any stream that relies on tvsector is not going to work?
I think the majority of the sky channels withing livetv are tv sector links arent they? Particularly the sky movies channels etc. Any fix for this or do we just have to wait until tvsector comes back online.Big Grin
I wish if you could make a "Kids" section of the streams or could anyone give a guide / tut on how to do this yourselves
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