Get rid of the border
Hello there,
I'm using Advanced Launcher with Aeon. Is there any way to get rid of this border? It stretches my covers (especially SNES covers). In some other views it disappears, but this is the only one which I like.

[Image: NWHQNl.jpg]

Thank you!
Settings > Media Info > Options > Toggle "Show media cases...."
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UnderCoverUZI Wrote:Settings > Media Info > Options > Toggle "Show media cases...."

Thank you!!
Unfortunately, it's still missing something. Confused

It forces to a standard height & width, instead of displaying (like Rom Collection Browser does) the native measures.

Here's what I mean:

(how it is)
[Image: oO42ul.jpg]

(how it should be)
[Image: e3sf9l.jpg]

Any way to achieve that?
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