Custom Main Menu tabs?

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crimsonfury Offline
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I can't figure out how to add some movies to a Special tab that is visible on the Main Home Screen...

I want my son's folder of Cartoon movies(Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks) to be listed under Cartoons on the Home Screen. They are all in a seperate folder already named Disney. But when I add them they all get lumped in with all of the other movies...

Any help?

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shinner Offline
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Create a smart playlist, then add it as a custom item in the menu.

You could probably create the playlist using "directory contains 'Disney". Then on the home screen, press 's'->customize home menu, and add it. (or you could go the long way of system->skin settings etc).

Note that it'll still lump the cartoons with the other movies if you go into the "movies" section. You'll have to create another smart playlist if you want to totally separate them (eg. directory does not contain 'Disney').
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