Poll: Would you like Quartz to go 1080?
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Yes, please!
No, there are no benefits on ATV2 Sad
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1080 vs 720
(2012-03-14, 16:41)Hitcher Wrote: Sorry the second part of my post was wishful thinking - you can't define which texture.xbt to use only the XML folder.


PHP Code:
<res width="1280" height="720" aspect="16:9" default="true" folder="720p" />
res width="1920" height="1080" aspect="16:9" default="true" folder="1080i" /> 

Thanks, I thought so at first.

Sort of workaround would be to use 1080i for XMLs, Textures.xbt with 1080 image versions inside as default and offer 720.xbt as manually selectable theme. This was your suggestion, right?

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Yes, that's the way to do it.
If you make a '/themes/720/' folder this becomes automatic available as theme and will be converted to .xbt when doing a PR to repo
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(2012-03-14, 10:26)Martijn Wrote: Is the skinner gonna take the effort to create two identical sets of textures.

I will help Pecinko with the textures Smile
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(2012-03-13, 21:54)westcoastbias Wrote: I voted no as I have both an atv2 and a 720p TV, so its worthless for me on two accounts. Obviously I intend to upgrade one day so it would be nice then. I would onlly hope if you do go full HD, there is still a lower version available.

I have checked this on ATV2 last night and 1080 can be used there too. There is no performance penalty as long as textures stay reasonably small, which they will. So, JezzX was right it will run on ATV2 with no problem at all, it's just that you will see no benefits because of 720 output/TV resolution.

(2012-03-14, 00:59)Jezz_X Wrote: I would like to point out that the poll choice is kind of wrong "No, can't use it on ATV2" is incorrect because all it would do is scale it down so unless you make the images all 2x the size and thus slowing down the skin it would make no difference

So, I have checked and confirmed that you have a point here Smile Poll questions updated and big thanks to you Smile
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Hi Pecinko,

May i ask about a 1080p Version of your great Skin? Any News/ Updates?

Thanks for Great work!
(2012-05-22, 20:02)Peter911 Wrote: Hi Pecinko,

May i ask about a 1080p Version of your great Skin? Any News/ Updates?

Thanks for Great work!

It's in the queue, no ETA yet Wink
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Thank you for answering:-)

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