preseting for VDR Backend

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clausmuus Offline
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how can I pre configure the pvr, so that it will be activated and set as client for the VDR at the first start of xbmc?

OK, I know, that I can activate the pvr manager by create the file ~/.xbmc/userdata/.xbmc/guisettings.xml with the content:
But than I will see the message to select a pvr add-on on startup. How can I supress this message by pre select the VDR VNSI Client add-on?

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FernetMenta Online
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You would need to deploy a pre-configured addon database and the required addon_data, e.g. pvr.vdr.vnsi.
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hotzenplotz5 Offline
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i dont know what is wrong, but it needs 2-3 minutes to start importing the channels/epg.
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@hotzenplotz5: yeah the channel import is slow and needs to be fixed. this is an issue in XBMC's PVR code, not the add-on.

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