cpu core 100% on idle
How do you apply the ppa from https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+sourc...bug/829980 ?

If I follow the instructions, it does not update upstart, and the problem returns upon reboot.
(2012-05-31, 11:33)gastar Wrote: Hi,

I'm having the same problem here:

ioctl(20, TUNER_SET_CONFIG, 0x7fff1d3d67a0) = 0

100% CPU load when there is nothing to do for xbmc. I use the xvdr pvr client from https://github.com/pipelka

Same here on Gentoo Linux x86_64, kernel 3.7.8, xbmc-12.0, ati-drivers-13.1, xvba-video-0.8.0-r1 (XVBA VAAPI driver).

Interestingly, this only happens on the tv-shows, movies and music screen if "show recently added videos" or albums is active. With those options disabled or on other screens, the CPU load stays normal.
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cpu core 100% on idle00