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i noticed that in the blue cop repo there is an addon called hulu.
This addon seems to work with users but I have a account, living here in Japan.

Is there a way to configure this plugin to work with instead of

Where can I find the hulu plugin configuration xml files?

I'm using xbmc on linux ubuntu oneiric

I tried just changing the urls the plugin uses to the urls for the japanese site. It didn't work. Also, there is no mobile version of the site in Japan, which this plugin uses. It may not be impossible to use the same plugin, but it will require more than a simple fix I think.
Does hulu japan have a mobile application?

If someone could make some logs of the what it is doing over the net then I could probably add support for it.

Drop me a PM if you already have hulu japan and would be willing to log some connections.

The hulu plugin isn't using the mobile version of the website. It is using the hulu desktop feeds. These same feeds are used by all hulu applications that I know of.
Hulu Japan has a mobile app (if you mean for ios, android, etc.) the iOS version is just called "Hulu Plus" so it may be the same as the one for the US Hulu. Also, my hulu japan account does not work with the hulu desktop app.
I got a free 2 week trial on a japan account. I was able to get it working on the website with a japanese proxy.

I have not been successful in logging into the apps on ipad or iphone. Even with a proxy it still was saying that the region was incorrect. I will try android later. I noticed that it is reporting its region as US watching the requests via proxy. I think it might be because it was installed from the US app store. I can't replace the value because the request is signed. I can resign the requests but the proxy doesn't support running code on to generate replacements. I will test some code later see if I can authenticate properly to get the needed token.

It is very possible to support hulu japan. I just need a little more information. Once I get some good hulu feeds for japan content then I should be able to support it.

I was able to playback some content because the authentication so similar. It would need some changes to listing code and log-in to support different application keys and new urls. I believe most of the code should be applicable to because it is the same api.
I have made some progress.

Japan users can authenticate properly with the android's api app key and api secret key.I currently have app key from https sniffing. I am still trying to figure out the proper secret key. The secret key is just appended on the parameter string data before running through a SHA1 hash for request signatures.

I am having trouble decrypting the secret key though.

The app key and secret key are both stored in AES encrypted form in the application. They are both decrypted by the same function

I have been running tests on the app key because I know the encrypted value and decrypted value.

AES_KEY hex = 684402241a605b496944fd8b4807c6d48523db006b441a688023db02134d2710

encApp hex = 10ebd4c0523a1b8569c40429c22f31047cc4c754609a834f0b98a0250d996b0c9e48580eb99447c8b4c9bfdeefcfc274
decApp string = b50795ef027112acc028 192ad4bb890d31560da7

encSecret hex = 63e2f07c57580d7b14ef3a7493eecc807061bd4af7b733284cd7f2f23b3958be

They bitwise AND each byte with 0xFF before loading the key and data to decrypt.

I believe I have all the code correct to encrypt and decrypt the API app value but it isn't decrypting/encrypting correctly. I think because I am doing the AND transform incorrectly. They did something similar thing to keys in hulu desktop except the did bitwise XOR with 1.

I can share my test files if someone wants to help me out. I am a bit lost on what I am doing wrong. I can also point you to the java classes from the android app that are relevant. thanks.

it kept converting the decrypted App to a xbmc git commit so i put a space in it.
I can't help with the decryption, but if your two week trial has expired, I can test anything you want me to on the app, as I have a paid account.
syntobu, you should share your account login to bluecop.
use +/- ⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓
(2012-07-19, 06:15)ykhehra1 Wrote: syntobu, you should share your account login to bluecop.

Offered, but got no reply.

Is there any update on this bluecop? It seemed so close to working.
Plus 1 for this please...

Anxiously waiting for the genius of BlueCop here in Japan!

Please and Thanks!
I have been puttering around with this, and it would appear there is no desktop app for
I am in Japan and have a account.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I can also offer a VPN, proxy, or VM in Japan for testing if needed.

I have a tcpdump of a successful android device logon. I am working getting one with SSL stripped in the next few days. If anyone is interested, send me a PM.
iamhungry: I think bluecop got past where you are already. If you can solve his decryption problem above, then it is probably not too hard for him to add support to the plugin.
I'm also interested in getting this to work Smile
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