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Windows - problem with VDR VNSI addon since beta 3
Since last builds (RC1, RC2 and EDEN) the vdr vnsi addon stopped woking
Going back to previous version make vnsi work correctly.
When i enable the addon, in debug mode, i have in the log these lines:
15:53:58 T:6736   ERROR: ADDON: Dll VDR VNSI Client, throws an exception 'Access violation' during m_pDll->Create. Contact developer 'Alwin Esch, Team XBMC' with bug reports
15:53:58 T:6736   ERROR: PVR - PVR::CPVRClients::InitialiseClient - can't initialise add-on 'VDR VNSI Client'
The OS is Windows 7 64bit fully updated.
Is there anyone who have the same problem and solved it?

I can duplicate this issue and will investigate.
Any news on this bug?
Is it me the only one unable to run vnsi in latest build?
I have the same problem on two different windows installation and two different hardware.
The same versions work correctly in linux so it should be a windows only bug.
Any progress on it FernetMenta?

I just set up a VDR setup for a friend. The server works fine as does the macbook client running pulse eight packages via VNSI, but the windows 7 running pulse eight via VNSI just does not work. I assume its the same. Unfortunately I don't have the debug log
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We have identified the problem but not fixed yet.
It's fixed in pvr master branch.
I will test as soon as possible.

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problem with VDR VNSI addon since beta 300