Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-05-06, 00:45)madmalkav Wrote: Main problems IMO right now are that allwinner have to A) release the 3.0.8 kernel sources so we can get the Mali to work on the GL acceleration, and b) get Allwinner to clarify the license of the video decoder to see if it is compatible with XBMC license.

(2012-05-06, 20:02)gimli Wrote: Or better. Get Allwinner to relase their linux SDK. Thats the most anying part. They have a linux SDK which is for sure also using GPL code, but no sign of releasing it.

Allwinner said they are going to release the 3.0.8 kernel sources which they are using by the and of April. We are already in May. Hopefully it will be soon now. Tom Cubie an Allwinner employee is checking.

The video decoder itself is not yet really released, only some example code of how to use it. There is no license specified and after asking they said it is license less, do whatever you want with it. Unfortunetaly it does not work that way. Tom Cubie is again contacting the lawyers of Allwinner to release it under a free to use license so it can be included into other open source projects like XBMC.

And Allwinner already released their full SDK, based on their 2.6.36 kernel and 2.3.4 android version including uboot and partition tools etc. It just has to be "extended" with the last 3.0.8 kernel work they recently have done for their ICS work.

You can download the SDK with most ingo from a earlier post on cnx-software (starting to love that website);
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