Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-05-25, 17:47)wizziwig Wrote: FYI, there are currently a few limitations on the Android side of this system which would make it a poor platform for XBMC. Mainly the lack of video mode presets matching 23.976/59.940 (only 24.0 and 60.0 is offered) and PCM stereo only output via HDMI. Ethernet performance is also not that great for streaming large BD isos. From looking at the source code the last few weeks, it's unclear to me if these are software or hardware issues that can be worked around.

LOL here we go again. It is an ARM 1,2 Ghz, Mali-400 GPU, STB alike system !!!

You have to compare this devices against systems like the RPi, Not something including an i7 and a high end video card. Each of this ARM based systems has it's flaws. The RPi is released with (for now) only one hardware decoder license (Mpeg4). This one has all the decoders, but might still be a bit flaky on the driver side.

But you buy one for under $75,- and they will get cheaper, but look at it for what it is.
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