Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-05-31, 17:26)gimli Wrote: The point is. You wanna have an XBMC port for A10 which isn't done yet. With your arguments you do not speed it up. Start programming and help, so you get it faster.

Sadly I have other coding projects on, so I'm at your mercy, (smirking).

The RPi is most likely heaps of fun but when posters are saying buy it instead of a Mele or other devices that are more suitable for XBMC, then there is something wrong.

I still have an XBOX 1 with XBMC as a media player. It is/was a classic. I now want to get the next winner and I'm hoping it's XBMC. I do not want to build a power-guzzler, heater, room hogger, noisy fan, HTPC. The RPi isn't suitable. The Mele is.

In ten+ years, will our memories be, how great XBMC was in many homes, or will it simply be a memory of a mishmash open source project. XMBC project needs a platform of choice, the Mele or hybrids could be it!
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