Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-06-15, 05:06)Shivansps Wrote: Guys, i just writed this image to the SD card

and my Novo 7 Aurora just booted intro Ubuntu, it seems that is really true that all A10 deviced boot from SD first...
Told you so Wink

(2012-06-15, 05:18)Ned Scott Wrote: Awesome. I recently ordered a PineRiver Mini X, but have yet to hear anyone attempting anything with that specific unit. I'm hoping it either just works like the other A10 set top boxes, or isn't far behind. Worst comes to worse, just having android on it isn't too bad.
Don't worry. You will be fine.

(2012-06-15, 06:14)Shivansps Wrote: OK, for what ive managed to look at it using that Ubuntu image... even wifi was working (not not dns handling somehow).

Performance was good, still lacks Mali-400 hardware acceleration in desktop, and video hardware decoder is not working either.

here is a hardware/benchmark report:
When I have time later this evening, I will see if I can point the guys to the evb.bin hardware initialisation files information and how to extract the proper one for the MK802 from android, so they can fix there memory issue.

I know Tom Cubie has the first X11 hardware drivers running and compiled, but there are still some issues. With some time you will get Hardware GLES support as well.

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