Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-09-03, 03:48)MediaGeorge Wrote: My head hurts a little...
I've just subscribed to this thread and j1nx's blog - really appreciate all the great info you guys put out there. Having just read through several weeks of updates at once though I'm left a little confused as to the actual current status - is the project dead or is there at least some glimmer of hope? It looks like the current status is Allwinner are going to (or have?) send the updates and maybe we haven't all wasted our money on MK802's or similar devices?

Many thanks

In a nutshell: Allwinner promised new drivers and OpenMAX. They send the new drivers but they turned out to be the same. (Nobody is sure why, maybe miscommunication.) Allwinner apologized (and they were accepted by the XBMC team) and promised new ones. No more updates since, but in my opinion no news is good news. Let's give it time.

And buying a A10 device isn't a waste of money. They play perfect video with MX player and functionallity to launch an external player from XBMC android is underway. The devices can also be used for other projects like turning the A2000 into a NAS due to the SATA port.
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