Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
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Oval Elephant Hard-Float XBMC Preview Build v01

Who is this for?

-People who want a bare bones look at XBMC on the Oval Elephant.

-Experienced linux users who can set up most of their configuration manually.

What do I need?

-An Oval Elephant / Uhost U1A / MK802 / etc

-A 4gb or larger micro SD card.

What works?

-The official implementation of the daemon and watchdog to catch errors and restart

-Video and audio output on HDMI. Use the settings and cycle audio adapters if you're having issues.

-Many file types that you would expect to work, or that worked well in android.

-Hardware Acceleration, to some extent.

What doesn't work?

-See CedarX Video Rendering Trials for file types that are reported to have trouble in the current build, and feel free to add your own files, profiles, and results

-Shutting down/restarting/exiting! This is a problem. If I have to shut down, I usually use the option in the menu and unplug the device just as the screen goes black. If you made the edits to disable autoboot and start in tty1, drop back down to it (see below) and use "shutdown -P now" to power off.

-Power management and CPU/GPU governing (as far as I can tell)

-USB Ethernet adapters need to be set up, possibly missing from kernel build too.

-Wi-Fi needs to be configured manually - Use Ubuntu 12.10 instructions as a guideline.

-WPA supplicant may not work or configure properly.

-Some XBMC add-ons are not working (may be a broken add-on package or an incompatibility with the current build)

-tty1 is cleared but can sometimes be seen trying to poke its head out at the top left of the screen (I didn't want to disable it entirely).

How do I install it?

-On Windows, use Win32 Image Writer or similar to write the image to an SD card. Consider using a linux installation to expand the ext2 partition to fill the SD card.

-In linux, extract the file and use your favorite terminal to DD the image using "dd if=xbmc_oe_v01.img of=/dev/sdX bs=1M" and replace sdX with your SD card. Perform a "sudo sync" afterwards to be safe. Use gParted or similar to expand the ext2 partition to fill the card.

How do I disable this damned auto-boot? I can't exit and want to torture myself by working directly from the device!

-Go into /etc/init/xbmc.conf and comment out the line that begins with "start on (".

-Edit /etc/bash.bashrc and comment out the lines at the bottom, starting with the line "case "'tty'"".

-Boot up and make your necessary changes. The username and password are both "root".

-If you need to start XBMC without the daemon, use "cd /etc" and then "./"

-To drop back to tty1, select exit from the options and press ctrl+c when the black screen or splash logo appears.

-uncomment the lines from the first and second step when finished.

-Please note that booting up to tty1 may take MUCH longer than it took the daemon to boot xbmc.

Until the next release, use the following guide to enable WPA1/2 support:

-Set your router security to WEP to let your device pull the packages it needs.

-run "iwlist wlan1 scanning|grep ESSID" and make sure your network is visible

-run the following -

"ifdown wlan1"

"iwconfig wlan1 essid "YOURNETWORKNAME" key "YOURKEY"

-for "YOURKEY", if you used a passphrase to generate your keys, you cannot use that passphrase here, you MUST enter the key.

-now enter -

"ifup wlan1"

"apt-get install wicd wicd-curses"

-If you get a screen asking you to add a user to the network group, tab to the only user available, select it, and tab to the okay button and select enter.

-and now -

"apt-get remove --purge network-manager"

"service wicd start"


-Use the right arrow key on the network you want to configure, scroll to the bottom, set your key, enable auto-connect, and sharing the settings for all SSIDs with the same name. Press F10 to save, and press enter on the network to connect.

-Congrats, now use the watchdog script to manually start up xbmc and try it. If all seems well, re-enable the daemon/autoboot and confirm that it all works. I personally started seeing CPU spikes using wicd, but perhaps with some configuring it'll settle down.

Who do I owe my thanks to?

-Guilliame for his minimalistic Ubuntu 12.10 build to act as a base.

-Jasbir for his original work on that base image.

-Servili007 for minor edits, watchdog/daemon, settings, and the franken-hardwarepack.

Where do I download it?

Read the link below and click it to download the file.

I agree and understand that I am liable for any damage caused by the use of this software, and that it is provided as-is.

More mirrors will be added.

If you find this release useful, use the +/- at the bottom of this post to leave me the appropriate feedback, thanks.
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