Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-11-19, 21:49)servili007 Wrote: -I'll probably do future releases without tty1 enabled (blinking cursor)

-network-manager and wpa-supplicant are now functional again, wicd and curses will be removed. Network-Manager can interact with the plugin in xbmc (this is still in testing though, sometimes it doesn't play nice)

-I may strip out some packages, but for the most part I want everything to work first before trying to squeeze every .01% gain of space/performance, so this may have to wait or be up to the user.

-uboot flashing is an easy task for anyone with a linux machine handy, and I'll probably start including some script.bins for other machines in the FAT partition and let users swap in the one they want after writing it to the SD card (similar to how j1nx did on his releases).

-Once the release is extra-stable and functional, I will make it nand flashable.

There's probably quite a few packages that I installed to get the native build to compile these could be removed, although I would be careful in removing stuff because the only symptoms you may have are a crash.

I suggest we could also tone down the logging levels because at the moment its seems set at debug.

Time pending I may create a new build based on the latest commits.
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