Focus lost when loading fav. video add-on from home screen
I use Neon(SVN), version 1332264824, but the behaviour described below can also be reproduced with the non-bleeding-edge version of the skin. I set some video add-ons (reddit, icefilms,etc.) as favourites and added them as custom home items in the skin settings. When I open the resulting menu item, the add-on displays a waiting dialog box with a progress bar. After the add-on is done scraping, the progress bar disappears and the results are displayed. At this point, the focus seems to be lost and I cannot navigate to the videos. I can only exit this screen using the menu or back button. Did I do anything wrong? I already posted this as a bug over at github, but did not get any feedback yet. Did I do anything wrong or is this indeed a bug? Does anyone have a solution for this?
Any help is appreciated!

Edit: If I access the same menu item for the second time, so the content is already cached and the waiting dialog doesn't show, the focus is fine. So I have to open the menu item two times: one time for loading->back->load again->watch cat videos.
I have the same problem with any video add-on. If I play, for example, a movie trailer using the Trailer Addict add-on as soon as the trailer is finished I am returned to the trailer list but the highlight bar is not visible, if I use the up or down arrow key I can hear the bubble pop sound as if the menu is navigating but hitting ENTER does nothing and I can't get focus back unless I return all the way back to the main screen and re-enter add-ons to be able to navigate again.

I switched to Confluence to try and reproduce the problem and can't, Confluence works fine using the same series of actions.
I have the same issue with video add-ons every time. I also intermittently have that issue after a regular TV Show ends. I see it in about 1 in 5 TV Show attempts. This is going back to at least early February.
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Focus lost when loading fav. video add-on from home screen00