Acer Revo 100
Curious, doesn't appear to be much love for the Acer Revo 100 on the boards. For $500 in an incredibly slim case, seems like it would make for a great XBMC machine.

Was curious what people's thoughts were on the specs? I.e., what it should be able to do well (stream 1080p?) and not do well?

Also, would it be possible to add something to it to enable it to bitstream audio?

A bit of a newb with this sort of thing, so if these are just plain dumb Qs ... let me know! Big Grin
I already have a playstation 2.J/K. Seems pretty expensive.
Agreed especially in comparison to more standard 3/4 RU sized units, just not sure what it would cost to build a similar in profile HTPC on your own. I.e., do they even have cases that slim, and if so, what can one put in there to get better for $450?

Wonder how much better it is than say the Revo 3700.
I dont think you can get cases that small. On my zotac zbox they actually had to turn the usb ports upside down to get everything to fit and the revo 100 looks even skinnier. I dont think you could find one much smaller than say this one.
check ANTEC ISK300 & ANTEC ISK110
Hmmmm .... maybe I'll look into some really slim cases and build costs (probably higher up here in CDA). Really just want a box that is not more than 3" or so tall, can be controlled by an IR or keyboard, that can stream 1080p and bitstream audio.

Though I'm curious, how much of the online content (e.g., say the liveTV plugins on this site such as FreeCable, etc) actually have higher quality audio streams? Or is the bitstreaming ability really only good for people who have saved libraries of their DVD's/blurays and want to stream that over their own network?

Admittedly, part of me is just intrigued with the idea of building my own box. Smile
Oh, and the critical requirement is that the box is DEAD silent! I loathe fan noise..
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