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Ive been testing xbmc with AE for a while now, today I compiled a new build from the latest source after not having used it for a couple of weeks. I was having troubles with no sound being bitstreamed at all (DTS, DD, DD TrueHD or DTS HD), the logs showed something to do with the ELD problem that seems to have been occurring but an upgrade to alsa 1.0.25 seems to have fixed that. Now however I am still experiencing the same problems as last time i tested AE. TV shows with DD work fine, as does most music, but Films with True HD or DTS HD just stutter and crash when playing. If I turn off DTS HD and True HD in the settings, then the films will bitstream the core DTS or DD track as normal, but only for about 10 seconds, and then the film starts buffering and stuttering and eventually crashing too. This same behaviour also occurs if I disable bitstreaming and use PCM completely, it will play for a short while and then crash out. The weird thing is that when I first started testing AE before it was merged with the master, i'm sure I didnt have these issues with the movies, at least not to the same level. Nothing has changed on my end.

I will try and provide a debug log from both watching a tv show and then a movie

Edit: heres a log Log

Its quite long but it covers starting xbmc before and after I installed alsa 1.0.25 i think. And then i watched the following with these results:

TV Show Dolby Digital - No problems
Film (The Muppets.mkv) DTS - No Problems occurred while watching
Film After switching on DTS HD and TrueHD - Immediate stuttering and crashing
Film after switching off DTS HD and TrueHD - Still crashed and stuttered
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