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(2012-09-05, 09:00)wxc200 Wrote: Hi All,

Because My A/V receiver is not handy, so i call for some volunteers to help test the HDMI HBR patchset before it could been accept by Takashi.

Hi Xingchao !

I tested the patches. They work perfectly. I tested it with both DTS Master Audio and Dolby Tru HD streams.
Also tested with speaker-test. Channel mapping was right.

I compiled x64 DEB files with the patched kernel for easy testing. So anyone just download the debs and do:
sudo dpkg -i ./*

You also MUST change the HDA-Intel.conf file to get it working. What I did is:

sudo nano /usr/share/alsa/cards/HDA-Intel.conf

Look for "ctlindex=" entries and add 1 to the ctlindex numbers (eg. 0->1, 1->2 etc)

Reboot needed, choose the compiled kernel, that's it. Should be working. One note: somehow my custom kernel does not have lirc support. So no remote working. Use the keyboard. Also the kernel is for x64 installations only.

@Xingchao Any cure for the ctlindex problem in the HDA-Intel.conf.conf ?
Thanks for your work !
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