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(2012-09-12, 23:19)furii Wrote:
(2012-09-12, 12:04)vicbitter Wrote:
(2012-09-12, 06:26)P-I H Wrote: @furii
I have a GT520 and I have also audio dropouts.
However, I think there are fewer with the 304.43 driver.
In case I run XBMC in a smaller window there are no audio dropouts, at least during half an hour play.

Have you tried any of the samples from here? A good site to use so that folks can all be using the same sample tracks to compare results.

i was unfamiliar with it before now but it doesn't seem like it would help that much. most of the samples are less than a minute long and this particular problem doesn't always present itself in that amount of time. i suppose i should try nailing down if it happens at the exact same time on every file or at least at the same spot in the same file every time but with a lack of development on the AE linux side i don't really see the point of it right now. additionally all of my dts-hd/truehd tracks are demuxed straight from the bluray so whether the samples work correctly or not it doesn't really help the fact that my movies don't.

Have you considered setting your logging level to Debug in advancedsettings.xml (that way logging will occur in the background without the onscreen debug information) so when it occurs again you have a log file to post to help the devs?

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