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(2012-09-22, 01:20)john.cord Wrote:
(2012-09-21, 19:03)ingrimsch Wrote: Intel seems to be able to do everything I need just fine by now, so I could remove the extra card and save some energy in my 24/7 box. :-)

Except proper 24p Playback...
Not quite, 24fps content plays fine with the Intel IGP, it's 23.976 content that won't play properly because the Sandy Bridge, and I think Ivy Bridge, chipset can't play it properly. Rather, 23.976 material is played back at 24 fps which results in periodic judder as the input and output frames need to play catch up with one another. This is the reason I got a GT430 for my HTPC rather than use the IGP in my i3 2100. The IGP plays everything fine except if I want accurate playback of 23.976fps material.
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