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(2013-01-10, 01:51)uNiversal Wrote: Ok lets clear up a few things...

The remapping is ONLY for ION 1st generation (as it clearly states on the link), -> VIA HDMI only not for any other machines, this is the most important part, all other machines do not need it.

AE it self has internal problem with mapping, there a re several PR's to try and resolve something but they cant agree on what to do with PR's

Also If any of these PR's you guys can pull and build and test them for yourself s.... However remove ANY remapping you done need to be removed.

So grab the PR's find them and compile them and submit feedback on them.

Just my 2c on this mess of trying to change a light bulb with a pair of pliers.


Thank you very much. I looked at the long PR linked to in the other thread, but their concern is the downmix map, from what I can tell. But I've just discovered that a) I don't have any audio output with 7.1 AAC, even if I set the output in system settings to 7.1 in conjunction with a 7.1 receiver b) even when I use 5.1, it is downmixed to 2.0 when sent to my receiver. LOL. What a mess. I wish I knew how to help fix it...

Given b) though, I suppose it's worth checking out the PR. That's something. Thank you.
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