Connecting a custom Bluetooth device

I have been tasked with connecting a custom Bluetooth device, conceptually a WiiMote, to XBMC and do so in a cross-platform manner. After having read through the documentation I am thinking a Java client to pair with the device and a connection to the Event Server is a viable way to go. I would have the Java client boot with the system so that the connection to the Event Server has already been established the moment the input device is turned on. I cannot possibly oversee the consequences of this decision right now though, and I was hoping anyone could point out any, if any, obvious flaws to this approach. I would also love to hear so if there is a better way of having this device interface with XBMC.


but also checkout

is this under Linux or?
Hi RockerC,

Thanks for the response. I currently have it working on Windows and since the event client is written in Java I suppose it will also work under Linux, but I have yet to try. Thanks for the resources, these seem useful!

topfs2 looks to have written most of those event clients and the event server for XBMC so seems to be the expert on this topic

and llyzs looks to be the expert from the headset point of view and the GUI part for that

but if you are looking at remote control devices then that could maybe be be added via XBMC's existing peripheral manager?
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