how can we convert "Player.Folderpath" to "Container.Folderpath" ?

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Music  how can we convert "Player.Folderpath" to "Container.Folderpath" ?
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Container.Folderpath returns a string in format like "musicdb://3"(for example).
Player.Folderpath returns a string in format like "/media/dirname1/dirname2" (for example).

when we are playing a song from any folder in xbmc for ex: from Artists->artistname1->albumname3->song2
now we view some other folder suppose Albums , which is displaying all albums.

Since the music player is playing a song , we can query $INFO[Player.Folderpath] which will return like
but now I want it's related Container.Folderpath how can I get that.

because In my skin I want that clicking on album art of the playing song should open same album in front of user to select other song from same album.

So the question is how can we convert "Player.Folderpath" to "Container.Folderpath" ?

If it is not possible then please tell me how can we know the event when user starts playing a song , because may be that time I will be able to store "Container.Folderpath" with in a skin.string variable which can be used later?

Thanks For Help.
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neither of those are possible as far as i know.

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