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Hey guys, I'm new to XBMC so hopefully this question isn't as dumb as I fear it may be. I want to change the background images in Confluence (using XBMC 11.0), so I set some new ones using Background Customizer. The problem is my selected images only appear when drilling down to a submenu. So for example when I change the Video background, it still shows the default theater seats image on the home screen, but when I select one of the video submenus, like "Files" or whatever, I do see my chosen image. Is that behaving as expected or is it a bug? And if it's as expected, how would I go about changing those home screen images? Thanks a ton!
it seems to be something on your end because im not having any problems. are you using dharma or eden? and are you sure your using the correct skin for the proper release canidate? using windows/linux, appletv?
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I'm using the Windows version of Eden and the regular ol' horizontal Confluence skin that came pre-installed. However I've tried with other skins and am seeing the same behavior. Submenu backgrounds change but not the home screen. Any advice on troubleshooting?
Did you ever find a solution? I am having the same issue.
Eden on AppleTv
Nope, but I'd still love to fix this. Anyone have any ideas at all?
Are you trying to use images from a network location? I copied my images to my appleTV and selected them from the local folder and that fixed it for me.
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