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I've installed XBMC Eden a few days ago, and have been configuring it and building it up with some add-ons. At some point, it was no longer possible to choose Add as favorite from the context menu on an Add-on. I've looked everywhere but can't figure out why this option is not available anymore.

Any ideas to fix this problem would be much appreciated, because editing the favourites.xml by hand every time is not ideal.
Works for me dude.
Tried a different skin?
Yes I did, but I only get these options in the menu:
- Add-on Information
- Configure
Sometimes the root of an add-on can't be added to favourites.
eg, in xbmcflicks I can't add it as a favourite I have to go a level or 2 into it & add one of those menu items as a favourite ie 'genres'.

Is this possible on the add-ons you're using?
Thanks for the suggestion, but I think I finally stumbled on the explanation: it seems that (at least for me) the Add to favourites options is only available on add-ons if you went in there via *Programs*. If you go in via Add-ons, the context menu option to add to favourites is not there.

Confusing to me anyway, and I wonder why I'm not supposed to add my non-Program add-ons to my favourites.
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